Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Second Post!!!

Congrats to us, we finally got past the first one! Now we just have to keep it up. Thought I would make some seasonal art for you all, and if you are someone who celebrates Christmas, is this the picture for you!....because...she's an elf and stuff. Just look at that outfit. No one in their right mind would wear that on their own unless they were an elf. If you don't celebrate Christmas..this is just a picture of a dog and an owner with terrible fashion sense.

So a very merry Christmas (or, ordinary day with nothing in particular going on at the moment) to all three of you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hello World...Are you Prepared?

FOR US?!!! I thought not, but that's alright. It's good to have your mind blown away on random occasions. So! me and my friends here are going to making the coolest, most immaculate, phantasmagorical web comic you've ever SEEEEEEN! And are yet to see...We haven't actually posted it up yet, BUT THAT'LL COME WITH TIME! And you'll see, you'll know, that your life will never be the same again...

Hope you like it!